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1.) Answer from the perspective of your character
3.) Post your result in the description plz and credit if you use this
4.) In some questions your character will be asked to react to a song. LISTEN TO THE FULL SONG BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR CHARACTER'S REACTION.
5.) This actually requires two OCs, but one of them will only be answering one question 


1.) When was the first time you ever swore or said something profane?
       Hm..Well I suppose when I was kicked in the nether regions.. It did not     end well for that poor fellow
2.) Have you ever had unrequited feelings for someone?/Have you ever been friendzoned?
       Hahahahaha..No..I've never been in love and frankly I think I cannot feel that emotion. *cries on the inside*
3.) What's a false assumption a lot of people have about you?
      That I kill for pleasure. I simply do it for food or possibly my experiment that deals with the brains emotions.
4.) Have you ever questioned your sexuality?
       Not necessarily, I've been attracted to both genders but frankly..There's just something better about a males touch..
5.) If you could bring one person back from the dead, who would it be and why?
        That one boy I accidentally killed while trying to preform an amputation..
6.) What did you do on December 12th last year?
        I injected melted snow in to the veins of one of my subjects. He lived long than I expected.
7.) When was the last time you truthfully told someone you hated them?
        I don't hate anyone, I dislike but do not hate.
8.) What is your opinion on this song? What about this song?
        Forgive me but I don't listen to music  
9.) In less than four sentences, describe the entire plot of the last book you read.
        Well it was a book on the brain, there was no plot really it just spoke of how the brain could not feel pain. Isn't that amazing? The brain in which controls feels an pain cannot feel it itself.
10.) Describe the appearance of the most untrustworthy person you can think of (they can be a person you've met or a made up person). Are they male or female or neither? What about their appearance makes them untrustworthy?
        The appearance of one boy named Rick. He seemed all to enthusiastic when he found out what I did.. He ended up taking my research papers.
11.) What is the most cringeworthy thing you've ever seen?
        My first sight of blood.
12.) What is your biggest regret?
        I have many.. Mutating myself all the way to harvesting a brain from someone I was close to.
13.) Do you have any cousins? When was the last time you saw them?
       No I havent..
14.) Describe the worst birthday you've ever had.
       Everyone of them.
15.) When was the last time someone provoked you to the point of violence?
       Well you see even if someone makes me angry I just cannot commit acts of violence on them. I pick specific subjects.
16.) OH NOES!!!! Someone has gotten you to drink a truth potion and now you have to truthfully answer every question you are asked!!! What's the worst possible question someone could ask you?
       They could ask me how my face looks under the banana.
17.) Describe, in detail, your first serious relationship. Describe how it ended.
        We gazed into each others eyes...Then I pulled the lever and he fried.
18.) Introduce your best friend. Tell the story of how you met.
        I do not have one.
19.) To the introduced friend, has our interviewee lied in any of these questions? Are you surprised by any of these answers?
       Again, I don't have any friends.
20.) To finish up, what is your biggest irrational fear and how did you get it?
       The fear of further mutation to my own body. I got this fear when injecting myself with what I thought was my medicine..
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This is a really cool character. It sounds like you've created a very interesting story.
Mrs-Myers Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015   Artist
Well I tried ^^
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