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I will be using proper names such as Thomas for Leatherface..This is kinda like a fanfic i guess
Thomas was outside gazing at the road,a few cars passed by but he didnt go to chase them. He simply waved at a few of them as they passed,no one waved back at him though.
"Get your ass in here Thomas!" Drayton yelled as he stood in the doorway of the house.
Thomas quickly shot to his feet an walked into the house. He walked to his butcher room,he assumed thats where his father wanted him to go. Drayton watched Thomas walk into the room. Thomas closed the door behind him an glanced around the room. He walked over to a corner of the room where he normally sleep an sat there,he looked up at the door thinking his father may walk in but he never did. Thomas let out a soft yawn before he heard something fall,it only took him a second to find where the sound came from. He stood up an walked over to a few oil barrels an looked behind them,he was slightly surprised to see a girl sitting there.
"N-no! Please!" Tears streamed down the girls face as she backed away from him.
Thomas tilted his head slightly at her an took a step closer to her. He glanced back at the door an got down on his knees in front of her. The girl whimpered,thinking she was about to die. Thomas reached out an touched her cheek,he did badly want to make a mask of her face but he forced himself not to. She flinched away still scared of him. Thomas looked down at her with a calm gaze,the girl seemed to be calming down. Thomas gave her a sweet smile an sat down,he gazed at her wanting to hear her speak more.
"I...I'm A-alice..." She said in a shaking tone.
Thomas wanted to replay but he had never really learned to talk,the only thing he did was let out a soft grunt in response. He glanced over at the wall,which was covered in skin masks,an stood up as he got an idea. He got one of the masks off the wall an sat back down in front of Alice. He held out the mask to her,this was kind of like his idea of a gift. Alice flinched away an shook her head but Thomas insisted she take it. Alice took it an looked down at it,not really sure what to do. Just then the door opened an Thomas quickly stood up.
"Thomas come out here,its dinner time." Sloane,his mother,called with a sweet tone.
Thomas stood up an walked over to the door,he smiled at Sloane an walked to the dining room. His mother seemed like the only one who treated him right in the whole family. He sat down in a chair at the table,he glanced around at the rest of his family an let out a soft sigh but he soon perked up as his mother sat beside him. They all bowed their heads in a silent prayer. Thomas was the first to look up because his prayer was short,he prayed that no one would find Alice in his room and that his family gave him a little love. As soon as everyone was done they began to eat.
Sloane looked at Thomas an saw a thin black wire on his shoulder,"Thomas what is that?" She asked.
Thomas gave her a low grunt in response an grabbed the wire,at the end of the wire was a pare of headphones. He then ran his hand down the other way of the wire an held up a small black box which seemed to be an ipod.
"That boy doesnt need anymore toys..." Drayton said in a low tone.
"Let him keep it." Sloane replied as she gave Drayton a sharp gaze.
Thomas was unsure who to listen to,he shook his head an stood up. He set down the headphones an ipod on the table,if his dad didnt take it right away he could keep it. Drayton stood up an walked over to grab it but Sloane stopped him.
"I said let him keep it" Sloane said standing up.
Drayton muttered something an walked back over to his place at the table. Thomas smiled an hugged his mother before picking up the ipod an walking off. He went right back to his room an looked around,Alice was still in the corner she had been. He walked over to her an smiled.
"H-he-...." She trailed off,she was still greatly scared of him.
Thomas thought for a moment before he put the headphones on her,he thought she might like it. He handed her the ipod an sat down on the floor. Alice looked down at it then back up at him,she looked confused an scared. Thomas tilted his head slightly to one side before grabbing the ipod a turning it on,he then handed it back to her.
"U-uhh...T-thanks?" Alice said in a shaking tone.
Thomas smiled sweetly an nodded to say your welcome.

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